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Week 1
Week 1
11/4/2016 - Folks, we are well into week one of M4K 2016!!  Thank you to the generous souls who've so graciously donated already!

As you can see a couple days of growth is just enough to give me that just hit puberty look.  I remember growing up if I would ever have facial hair, little did I know I had nothing to worry about!

The kick off at Hardywood was a blast!  It was great seeing veteran growers along with all our rookies.  Our weekly checkins will start next week; growers and non-growers alike are welcome!  We meet at 6pm on Mondays at Sportspage Grill in Midlothian, and 6pm on Wednesdays at the Answer Brewpub in the West End.  Hope you can make it out one evening!

Last but not least, please donate!  We try to make this fundraiser a lot of fun, but it is really a serious thing, the charities we benefit including Feedmore, Richmond Children's Hospital, ASK, and SCAN are all fantastic charities and are counting on us for support.  Please donate today!!

11/12/2016 - Changing it up a bit this week, with a more serious topic:  local childhood hunger.  I’ve heard in the past "people you know right around the corner are going hungry".  I didn't really think it was true; that it was a function of demographic averaging.  Last weekend I found out how wrong I was.

I volunteered this past weekend at Feed 23112, a food pantry based in Chesterfield County.  Our group from New Life Church helped build raised bed gardens so that they’ll be ready for the spring.  While I was there I spoke with the organization's founder, Anne Marie.  I asked where their food pantry was located and she replied Clover Hill HS.  Clover Hill HS – newly opened & one of the highest performing high schools in Virginia in a thriving area of Chesterfiled County.  She explained that kids were acting out, getting bad grades, and stealing food from other students.  These kids had parents who lost their jobs, or had some other family hardship and literally no food or other means for lunch.  Their program allows kids in need to eat lunch at school and offers assistance to their families.

M4K benefits Feedmore Central VA’s food bank that supports feed 23112 and other programs across the state.  I urge you to support this important cause today by donating on my page.  This time of the year is a peak for food donations but is a low point for monetary donations.  Your support will help “keep the lights on” and benefit other child hood charities including SCAN, ASK, and Richmond Children’s Hospital.  Or if you are inspired by feed 23112 please visit their facebook page and find out how you can help.  Please get involved today!

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