If you have participated in the past and already have a webpage please just send an email to m4krichmond@gmail.com, let us know you are participating again, and we will restore your old webpage.  If you have participated in the past please do not register again or it will create a second page for you and all sorts of chaos will ensue.

First time Growers, please fill out the form below to register online then pay your registration fee HERE.
Set your goal high.  Growers have averaged over $1000/year the past several years.  Raise $1000 and become a Grander!  Make sure to include the name of who got you involved so they get credit and keep the "Allow my profile to be found.." box checked so potential donors will be able to find your webpage on the "Donate to a Grower" page.
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I agree to grow a mustache in compliance with the bylaws of our organization as detailed at www.m4krichmond.org.  I will do my best to attend the weekly checkpoint meetings and contribute commentary regarding other grower’s mustaches.  I promise to raise as much money as I can during the 4 week growing period to benefit local child-benefitting charities.  I will adhere to all applicable solicitation and fundraising laws. Visit www.irs.gov and go to the Charities & Nonprofits section for additional info.  By posting content to this website, you are warranting that you have all necessary permissions and are sublicensing M4K Richmond to display this content.  If you do not have the necessary rights to use any content you post, by posting the content you agree to indemnify M4K Richmond against any claims or demands for violations of intellectual property rights. It is also the responsibility of each grower to generate as much publicity and awareness of our organization through bragging, fabrication of truths, cock-and-bull stories, and of course…wearing your mustache with pride, honor, and integrity.  You may discover that your mustache gives you magical powers.  Please utilize these powers with care and fight your primal urges to remove your sleeves, grow a mullet, or engage in arguments regarding Nascar®.
M4K-Richmond does however; support any decision to purchase a muscle car, motorcycle, or monster truck.  Thank you for your participation in the greatest fundraising event ever.  Let’s get growing.
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