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Jacob Brush*'s Page
Jacob Brush*'s Page
Goal: $2000
Goal: $2000

Hello once again!! Thank you so much for visiting my donation station! This year I am looking to raise $2,000 for childrens charities. The STACHE will be bigger than ever as I have been growing it for a couple of months and will continue throughout November. If my goal is reached (or surpassed) the glorious lip warmer will stay for at least untill our child is born in February ( The wife will not allow any further :p)  I appreciate every single one of you that donates no matter how small the donation or if you are just spreading the word!  

This year I will be giving a signed final product picture to anyone who donates over 20 dollars. For those able to donate more ($50 and above) there will be additional marvelous mustache pictures included! And for anyone inclined to donate $100 or more you will get all the pictures plus you will be entered to win a sizeable prize (All parties will be placed into a drawing and one name will be selected to win a prize! (Each increment of 100 dollars is 1 entry into the drawing) 

All donations made over 50 dollars will be entered to win one of 4 large bucket of range balls from patterson sports park! 


Thank you so much for all of the donations so far!! Everyone has been awesome! We are so close to the goal ! Tell all of your friends about the awesome mustache!! 

Thank you so much for visiting and donating! Check back periodically for updates on the Mustache Movement!! 

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