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Ryn Kennedy*'s Page
Ryn Kennedy*'s Page
Member of Henrico CASA team
Member of Henrico CASA team
Goal: $1000
Goal: $1000

My mustache idols are Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds. 


Help encourage the growth of my mustache and raise funds for Henrico CASA by donating to help me to reach my goal!



Henrico CASA serves children living through dark days of abuse and neglect. They see families at their lowest, navigating messy relationships and overwhelming obstacles. These families are here from a combination of circumstances and choices, and the victims are their children. CASA gives these children an advocate who is a safe, stable encouragement. They help youth build resilience.


Henrico CASA Mission: To activate trained volunteers to help our community’s most vulnerable children thrive in safe, loving homes.


Change A Child's Story

  • CASA promotes safe, healthy homes for every child in Henrico County, especially those vulnerable from abuse and neglect. 
  • Our staff and volunteers are a safe and consistent presence in a child’s life, while also serving as their voice in court.
  • Together, we change a child’s story.


By donating you not only help encourage my mustache growth, but the funds you give will help Henrico CASA and their mission!



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