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Justin Brittle*'s Page
Justin Brittle*'s Page
Goal: $322
Goal: $322

"Since 99.362% of people love mustaches, it seems only a fool would have a bare upper lip."

~Kylo Coenraad


The verbal abuse at home continues, but thanks to a few gracious donors, I surpassed my fundraising goal of $322. Thankfully, the 'stache growing and fundraising are in full swing so we don't have to stop now!


The Henrico IAFF Local 1568 team (of which I am part) has raised close to its goal of $5,000 and M4K Richmond (everyone involved) is about halfway to its goal of $750,000. So, if you feel inclined to donate, there's no time like the present. Or, share my donation page with someone that loves mustaches and/or loves helping kids -- you really can't go wrong!


Thanks to all who have donated to support 20 local children's charities! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll check back in with you soon! /Justin

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