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Jeffrey Labrecque " I used to be boring....but now I have a Mustache! "

Hello Friends!

All of you made last year a huge inagural year for me and for that I would like to thank you!
I feel as though I delivered on my promise and I grew a mustache for the ages.  Although my mustache was technically "illegal", I didn't care - I grew if for the kids!
This year, I am choosing to abide by the wishes of the lawmakers and I will not allow my stache to travel south of my lips.  Rest assured, this in no way means that I am on an equal playing field as the rest of the competitors.   I will set my mind to growing as much as I can each and every day.  I will treat this month as a marathon and I know that my growing endurance will produce the most glorious 1" x 4" piece of facial sod you've ever seen.  

I, again, will do my part as promised.  But in addition to putting the rest of the growers to shame with my unparalleled growing skills - I would also, and more importantly, like to put them to shame with my fundraising.  This is where YOU can help!!

All of your donations are greatly appreicated and go towards a handful of wonderful causes.  If you don't recall exactly what we are raising money for, here are the details:
M4Krichmond, is comprised of around 100 young professionals in the Richmond area that spend a month each year looking ridiculous in support of children in need. M4K has decided to split the proceeds raised between three charities: ASK (an organization working with children with cancer), SCAN (a local organization dedicated to preventing child abuse) and the Children’s Hospital. Last year they raised over $50,000 and this year we hope to exceed $100,000 as a group. My personal goal is to raise over $500. I’m asking for your consideration to donate in support of our efforts.  
All major credit cards are accepted and you will recieve an emailed receipt for your records (yes, we are an official non-profit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible).

Thank you for your support!

Let's Grow This!

- Jeff