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Hunter Marshall " Back & Better than Ever.... THE WIGGLER! - Fred the Baker "Its time to make the donuts" - 'Stache Bash 2012 "
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Shave Day!
Shave Day!
Embarking on my 6th growing season, I continue to be honored to be part of something so incredibly special and be able to make a REAL impact to lives of children in need. 

M4K Richmond is a volunteer-run organization, founded in 2003, to raise money for a variety of children's charities in the local community.  What began as jsut 2 guys that raised a few hundred dollars has grown to almost 200 men who donated more than $215,000 last year alone.  With a strong 2017 campaign, we will eclipse the $1M mark and continue to improve the lives of children in need.

The mission is simple:  Grow a sweet stache' from November 1st through December 1st culminating in the annual Stache Bash. 
The rules are simple:  No beards, no goatees. . . nothing common or ordinary - go sweet stache or go home.  Similar to pledging for any fundraiser, your donations confirm my lip rug is sweet and will help my stache continue to thrive!

2017 Charities:
ASK - Childhood Cancer Foundation
Great Richmond SCAN: "Stop Child Abuse Now"
Children's Hospital Foundation
Feedmore & More

So now, as every good salesman does, its time to ask YOU to step up and help support "The Wiggler"!

Thanks in advance for your support!

"The Wiggler"

Last Week with glasses!
Last Week with glasses!
Week 1 Update - 

Well "The Wiggler" has really started sprouting and developing well in the early stages.  I've already started to get those "is that Matthew McConaughey?" stares around town - that's a sign of respect for the stache and recognition of its "SWEETNESS".  This lip rug has already amassed $1050.00 with 3 weeks left in the growing season.  This is the year I hope to eclipse the $2500 mark and help M4K push over the $225K mark and beyond.  I posted this picture with the thoughts of it being the last week I'll ever have to wear glasses.  A HUGE Thank you to those who have supported "The Wiggler" so far, and those who will consider donating in the coming days/weeks.  Have a great weekend!

'The Wiggler' coming in sweet!
"The Wiggler" coming in sweet!
Week 2 Update – 
Well gang, A LOT has “improved” since last week’s update.
  • “The Wiggler” has really started taking shape – better looking by the day – hell better by the minute!
  • LASIK – In an effort to see the wiggler more clearly (and my beautiful wife/daughter), I had LASIK on Wednesday – Happy to report, they are even more gorgeous than ever and so is my face furniture!
  • Personal Donations are UP – to $1,409 in my quest to reach $2,500
  • M4K Total Donations are UP – to $78,703 towards our goal of $225K
  • I’ve realized how sweet my stache looks chewing on a pipe.
With Thanksgiving next week and “Giving Tuesday” the following week, it’s a great time to think of others and leave a lasting impression on those in need. 
A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated and to those yet to come!

Giving Tuesday!
Giving Tuesday!

“Giving Tuesday” is a global day of giving and provides an awesome opportunity for year-end giving and provide the ability for everyone to help make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.   

M4K Richmond has eclipsed the $137K mark but still have a way to go to reach out $225 goal. 

As you can see below, “The Wiggler” is in full stride and really leaving a mark on everything that crosses its path.  Our growing season wraps up this Friday with the “Stache Bash” for those of you in/near Richmond, I’d love to see you come out to join in the shenanigans!!


Please consider donating to this amazing charity!

Staches look sweet on everyone!
Staches look sweet on everyone!

THANK YOU to everyone who has stepped up so far this year!

Thanks to so many of YOU who made generous donations, “The Wiggler” has raised $2,315 and I am within $185 of my $2500 goal to improve the life of children in Central VA. 


MUSTACHES ARE SWEET – I don’t care who ya are!  - Anonymous super-smart dude!

 Reminder – Our annual growing season concludes tomorrow night - Everyone is invited to the 2017 M4K Richmond ‘Stache Bash @ Hardywood Craft Brewery – Tomorrow night 6-9pm (see below). 

Hope to see many of you there.


“The Wiggler”

Posting just... cause!
Posting just... cause!

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