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Kevin Peters " It's for the kids! "

We are raising money for kids! Who doesn’t love kids! Who doesn’t want to help sick kids? Do you have kids? Do your friends have kids? Everyone has a connection to kids. We are helping organizations in Richmond that are helping kids when they need it most. Do you know of a child that has had or has cancer? Do you know of a child that has been abused? How about a child that has needed treatment or therapy services? So many kids need these services. Either you already know someone or you may know someone in the future. We are helping kids, so please be generous with your donation. WHO DOESN’T WANT TO HELP KIDS? 

I am very late in getting this out, but I am doing my yearly mustache growth (annoy Jesse) moment and would like your help raising money for childrens’ charities in the Richmond area. Please donate what you can and realize you are doing a lot to help needy children. Thank you for your support.