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Andrew Wenk " Let's grow this thing! "
Hello friends!
It’s November & round 2 of growing season! 
As you may or may not know, Mustache for Kids (M4K Richmond) is a local charity group that improves the quality of life for local children and having fun with facial hair.  Every day, they support my fellow co-workers and myself by supporting one of my favorite charities: Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Hopefully, you know by now that the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU is building a free-standing hospital!  M4K is committed to supporting the needs of our local children.  My job is to look silly for the next month and your job is to donate to the children of RVA!
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Let’s grow this thing!
Thank you for your support!
Andrew Wenk
The Masters weekend!
The Masters weekend!
Hello friends,
First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has already donated!  Mustaches 4 Kids is in full swing.  So far I have raised over $300.  If you haven’t donated yet it is not too late.  Please visit my page (
https://m4krichmond.org/participant/1197241), check out how ridiculous I look, and help me reach my $1000 goal.
Donation Match: Starting Monday 11/16 at 0900, your donation will be doubled! Estes Express Lines is matching donations up to the first $5,000.
Thank you again to the follow donors:
            Jill McGehee                           Brad Burnum
            Chad Ochs                               Barbara & Brian Wenk
            Benson Higgs                         Cate Bagley
            Amy Howard                           Jane Watson
            & my anonymous donors
Wow! It has been an amazing week and THANK YOU for your donations!  So far, I have raised over $975 and our group has crossed over $180,000.  If you haven’t donated yet it is not too late.  We have less than two weeks to meet our goal of raising $368,000.  Please visit my page (https://m4krichmond.org/participant/1197241), check out how uncanny the mustache is looking and help M4K Richmond and me reach our fundraising goals!  In closing, if the 19th President of our great country can still donate, please consider helping the kids!
This past week, someone was able to take advantage of the Estes Express Lines donation match.  Per M4K Richmond: more donation match opportunities to come, so look out for blast emails to double your donation.
Special shout outs to this week donors:
Bill Boger                                         Megan Habeck
Rutherford Hayes                         Will Wyatt
Liza Clark                                          Emmett & Clare Lowe
Jenny Deaver                                  Brennan Maloney
Dory Walczak                                 Rusty Chicharron
Mikayla Seestedt                          Amie-Anne Talley
Yates Bryant                                   Stephen Turner
My better half: Courtney Legum – Wenk
Thank you to everyone that has donated.  So far, I have raised over $1,400 and our group has raised over $350,000.  If you haven’t donated yet it is not too late.  You can donate up till 12/04 at noon.  Please visit my page (https://m4krichmond.org/participant/1197241), check out how ridiculous it looks, and M4K Richmond reach our $370,000 goal.
Special shout outs to this past week donors:
Sean Kinnear
Steve Wood
Joe Roberts
Kristen Usry Rowland
Michelle Olson &
my anonymous donors