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Dear Friends and Family,

It is that wonderful, yet creepy time of year… MOVEMBER! I’m quite honored and excited to team up with M4K and fellow growers in the Richmond area to grow our Staches’ throughout November.

M4K Richmond is a local volunteer-run organization that raises money and awareness for local children through individual fundraising for charities such as S.C.A.N., The Children’s Hospital of Richmond, ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation and many others. Last year the group was able to raise over $300,000.

This year marks my “Rookie” campaign as I am a first-time grower with the group. I hope to exceed my goal of raising $1,000 along with grow a respectful mustache by December.
Please visit my personal page at https://m4krichmond.org/participant/1197275 to donate and keep track of my progress.

Every dollar makes a difference, please consider donating.
Some fun facts about mustaches to celebrate Movember:

- The King of Hearts is the only King in the deck without a mustache.

-The average man spends six months of his live shaving & grooming (save 3 months and let it grow)

-Ram Singh Chauhan holds the record for the longest mustache at an impressive 14 feet long (I probably wont catch that record by December..)

- The average man with a mustache is thought to touch his facial hair around 760 times a day. Factor in sleeping and do the math, that equates to nearly 48 times every hour

- One study in Australia suggested that staches can reduce sun exposure in the area by up to a third (depending on length and density) 
Movember Half with NatRat
Movember Half with NatRat
2 weeks down, 2 weeks to go
2 weeks down, 2 weeks to go

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