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Zach Holt " I love a challenge! "

Friends and Family,


I hope all is going well in your lives. Yes, it's that time of the year ....Mustache Season! And yes, I will look a little ridiculous for the next month. But it is for a great cause! Check out my webpage http://www.m4krichmond.org/participant/1311117/ to follow my progress and donate! 


M4K Richmond improves the quality of life for local children through individual fundraising, partnering with local charities and businesses, and having a little bit of fun with facial hair. Basically we grow mustaches for a month as a marketing tool to raise money for local children's charities. Last year the group of 180 Growers raised and donated over $360,000 to ASK, SCAN, Children's Hospital Foundation of Richmond, Feedmore, Cameron K Gallagher, and Friends Association for Children. As a group we have raised nearly $2,000,000 since 2003. This year we are trying to raise even more but need your help! Please visit my page (link to page), make a donation, and track my fundraising and facial hair progress.