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Robbie Kemp " Let's grow this thing! "
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November 2014: After a few years of testing the determination of my upper lip, I've decided to dedicate the growing to a good cause. In my rookie year, I hope to increase awareness of M4K Richmond while we look to benefit Richmond-based children charities.  Please consider donating on my behalf and enjoy the pictures as they give a glimpse of the progress and fun the 'stache has seen this November.
Week 1 is in the books
Week 1 is in the books
November 2014: After 7 days of growing, the 'stache is starting to gain a fair amount of attention as individuals begin to wonder if I forgot to shave my upper lip or if this ridiculous appearance is intentional.
Week 2 - I could get used to this
Week 2 - I could get used to this
November 2014: In Week 2, I garnered more respect than muffled laughter (I think). Turkey day awaits...and as you can tell, I fully anticipate some well-earned ridicule from friends and family.
Week 3 - Bird is the word as family and friends dash upon seeing the 'stache.
Week 3 - Bird is the word as family and friends dash upon seeing the 'stache.
November 2014: Thanksgiving has come and gone. I received the following "compliments."

- That 'stache is phenomenal.
- The 'stache looks (hesitation) terrific!
- When do you get rid of that thing?

The aforementioned are anything but exhaustive; however, the 'stache is finally visible from 10+ feet away (*clears throat* personal goal).

Please consider donating today to benefit Richmond-based children charities!

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