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Brian Johnston
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Why Won't it connect?
Why Won't it connect?
Hello Family and Friends!

As most of you know, my ability to grow a mustache is pretty well, legendary.  I attempted to do it one 'Manuary' and I do not think the comments I received from family and friends are fit for public posting.  This time around I am doing it for a cause, and hope you will support me.  

So please consider donating as all your donations go towards a handful of great causes.  Here are the details:  
M4Krichmond, is comprised of over 100 young professionals in the Richmond area that spend a month each year looking ridiculous in support of children in need. M4K has decided to split the proceeds raised between three charities: ASK (an organization working with children with cancer), SCAN (a local organization dedicated to preventing child abuse) and the Children’s Hospital. Last year they raised over $130,  000 and this year we hope to exceed that.  My personal goal is to raise over $200. I’m asking for your consideration to donate in support of our efforts.  
All major credit cards are accepted and you will recieve an emailed receipt for your records (yes, we are an official non-profit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible).

Thank you for your support!

Let's Grow This!

- Brian

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