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Timothy Allan " Staying classy in Richmond since 2012 "
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It's that time of year again for growing a mustache! I will look a little ridiculous for the next month...but it's for a great cause!!!

M4K Richmond improves the quality of life for local children through individual fundraising, partnering with local charities and businesses, and having a little bit of fun with facial hair. Basically we grow mustaches for a month as a marketing tool to raise money for local children's charities. M4K Richmond started back in 2003 and since raised over $2,000,000 for local Richmond childrens charities. 2021 has been another crazy year and our charities need your support more then ever!

This is my 10th year raising money to support great local children's charities. I've helped raise more than $18,500 over the years to support this excellent cause. Please help me reach my $3,000 goal this year to support our overall goal. Thanks!

My dad back in the '70s.
My dad back in the '70s.

The M4K growth movement is for a great cause in support of awesome local children's charities. I am continuing the effort this year as always in honor of my father Rick. He was a great man with a great mustache.
4 week stache.
4 week stache.
It's the final week of November as we approach the end of the 2021 M4K growing season. And as the autumn days turn colder and the night air crisp, my upper lip has earned the right to stay sheltered and warm. Please help me reach my fundraising goal by the end of Friday so that I may enjoy the nostalgia while removing this wooly bear on Saturday morning!

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Ted Davies Amount: $ 200 Date Received: 12/3/2021
Dan Carro Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 12/3/2021
"Lookin good Timmy!"
Lauren Moore Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 12/1/2021
"In honor of Stephanie and her support of the stache... Mustaches for CHoR! Thanks Tim!"
11/30 Match Date Received: 12/1/2021
Michael & Lori Vaillancourt Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/30/2021
"You're just a big hairy American winning machine, you know?"
Anonymous Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/30/2021
"Kuddos for leading this charge... here's to supporting kids in need! "
Adam Sutton Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 11/30/2021
"Nice work Tim!"
Troy Savenko Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 11/30/2021
"Gotta split my donation between you and Maroon 5!"
Dede Batts Amount: $ 200 Date Received: 11/30/2021
"I love that you do this every year….thank you for all you do for so many children!💕"
Joe Bujtas Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/23/2021
"For the kids! "
Hilary Mason Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 11/23/2021
"Go Tim!!!! ❤️"
Trey Thornton Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/23/2021
"Hey neighbor "
Dana And Jon Barnes Amount: $ 75 Date Received: 11/23/2021
"Such a great cause…Go Timmy!"
11/23 Match Date Received: 11/23/2021
Joshua Dameron Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/21/2021
11/19 Match Date Received: 11/19/2021
Emily Jackson Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/18/2021
"Yay Timmy! Is there a party this year? ;) "
David, Chelsey And Bailey Parsons Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/18/2021
"Yaayyy, Uncle Tim! Keep up the good work! "
Mike Parsons Amount: $ 200 Date Received: 11/18/2021
"Keep growing Bub!"
Mary Parsons Date Received: 11/18/2021
"Great job Timmy! Love your dedication to a much needed cause."
Ronda Kunsman Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/18/2021
"Love that you do this!"
Company Match Amount: $ 200 Date Received: 11/18/2021
Ben Cover Amount: $ 200 Date Received: 11/17/2021
"This one’s for Rick!"
John Bull Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/16/2021
Anonymous Amount: $ 200 Date Received: 11/16/2021
"I hope you have another successful year, Tim."
Stephanie Allan Amount: $ 300 Date Received: 11/15/2021
"Thanks for growing another great mustache to help so many kids! We love you - Stephanie, Harper and Evelyn "