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2018 Shave Day!
2018 Shave Day!
Dear Family and Friends,
As “The Wiggler” and I embark on our 7th growing season, I have some incredibly exciting news . . . . . . M4K & RFH are joining forces!
  • That’s right. . . Mustaches 4 Kids & Richmond Friends of the Homeless
My Story
As many of you know, I have been an active supporter of M4K for over 6 years and joined the Board of Directors for RFH (Richmond Friends of the Homeless) about 15 months ago to help support our local community.  I’m incredibly proud to be part of two incredible organizations that are improving children’s lives EVERY DAY across Central Va and to have them join forces this year makes me even more passionate about this growing season.  Both M4K and RFH are able to positively influence kids’ lives who are in extreme situations, mostly of no fault of their own, giving them an opportunity and position them for greater success.  These children have extreme challenges and find themselves in incredibly difficult situations and circumstances and need people like YOU to help them have a better life!
  • M4K Richmond is a volunteer-run organization, founded in 2003, to raise money for a variety of children's charities in the local community.  What began as just 2 guys that raised a few hundred dollars has grown to almost 200 men who donated more than $268,000 last year alone bringing our total contributions over $1,000,000.  Last year, “The Wiggler” raised $2865 and I’m looking to reach the $3000+ mark this year.  We are looking to continue this momentum and set another milestone through the support and generosity of people like you and me.
Charities include:
  • The Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Greater Richmond SCAN  (Stop Child Abuse Now)
  • ASK Childhood Cancer Foundtation
  • The Founders Center of Commonwealth Autism
  • Feedmore
  • & Others to include Richmond Friends of the Homeless.
  • RFH was founded to strengthen and enrich the lives of the disadvantaged and homeless in our community.  RFH supports underprivileged children across Central VA by working to alleviate hunger, supply tools to help children excel through school, provide enrichment activities and warmth.
    • Nourishing Meals:  We serve meals 7/days a week many of whom are children and provide baskets full of nourishing foods to struggling families to avoid children going hungry.
    • Back to School:  RFH provided 319 stocked backpacks this fall to underprivileged children to help position them for success.  Additional supplies are alos provided throughout the school year to aid in their success.  RFH oftentimes pays for field tripos, graduation gowns, and other luxuries for those who cannot afford them of now fault of their own.
    • Enrichment Activities: RFH is gearing up for a huge Thanksgiving event and Christmas party that includes Santa Clause and xmas toys/gifts for those children unable to have Christmas any other way, most of whom have fallen through the cracks of programs such as Angel Tree/etc.  Thanks to RFH, countless children are given the opportunity to attend a movie, bowling or other events we cover to allow kids "to be kids."  There is a kid/teenager mentoring program to track attendance, report cards, homework and provide support to focus on the importance of school, hygiene and making good decisions - most of whom don't get positive encouragement from home.  Finally, RFH partners with the Cross-Over clinic and other organizations to provide health screenings/physicals, vaccinations, etc to children.
    • Warmth: RFH provides shoes, mittens, blankets, sleeping bags and jackets to children as there are so many homes without heat, particularly in the Gilpin Court neighborhood. 

Business stache in the front & party stache in the back!
Business stache in the front & party stache in the back!

Week 1 Check-In  Good Beers & better staches on hand!
Week 1 Check-In Good Beers & better staches on hand!
"The Wiggler" is coming in quite nicely and even more face folicles are sprouting over prior years.  Together, we are poised to have an exceptional year and I hope you will join the excitement and donate to support M4K & RFH in our mission to improve the lives of children!


Go Hokies!!  With staches like this, how could the Hokies possibly lose?
Go Hokies!! With staches like this, how could the Hokies possibly lose?

Unfortunately, the luck of the face caterpillar wasn't enough to help VT win the game.
Unfortunately, the luck of the face caterpillar wasn't enough to help VT win the game.

Mysterious moustache on #GivingTuesday

Its 4 the Kidz
Its 4 the Kidz

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