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From MSN's analysis of Facial Hair:
"If your guy is a mustache-man, he deserves major props. The 'stache is the only difficult part of a beard, making it hard to eat, kiss, etc. ... For a man to voluntarily take on the hardest part of the game ... it's a sign that he bows to no challenge, least of which being the number of negative stereotypes that so unfairly haunt the mustache."
'Nuff said.

There was a day Scott had no 'stache.  Check him out and follow him, too, as he tries hard to match the old man.
There was a day Scott had no 'stache. Check him out and follow him, too, as he tries hard to match the old man.

Winner (again) & Biker Son at 2017 'Stache Bash - Help me beat him AGAIN!
Winner (again) & Biker Son at 2017 'Stache Bash - Help me beat him AGAIN!
Cut and Paste the link to check out this NBC 12 item on M4k and while paying attention to the story, go ahead and play "Where's Cap'n Matt".  See if you can spot me at last year's 'Stache Bash'!


Once again, a Weak Week One
Once again, a Weak Week One
It's Back, and It's For the Kids!!

Yep, I'm in it again, looking to help this group of zanies exceed last year's total of $268,000+.  How can I not?  SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now); ASK helping kids fighting cancer, VCU Children's Hopsital Foundation and FeedMore are the prime beneficiaries of your donations, plus several others all helping kids in need in RVA.

Year 5 for me, hard to believe.  And, trust me, growing this thing doesn't get any easier.  Nor does suffering the odd looks, especially right now when it's there, but not.  Yesterday a woman flight attendant did a double take that I knew was not because she found me so attractive (which, quite frankly, is very often the case, trust me!), but clearly, in a what the hell?!? look.

But HEY!  IT'S FOR THE KIDS!  Check back next week for a progress update, both money and 'stache.  If you think you can stomach it.

And...  THANKS for your tremendous generosity and support.  Means so much.

Week 2.  Not too shabby, er, shaggy.  Next week though?
Week 2. Not too shabby, er, shaggy. Next week though?
Well, I don't know about anybody else, but at this point, Week 2, I don't think it's looking too bad.  It's starting to itch like hell and the conditioner's been broken out, but appearance-wise?  Maybe not so bad.  Earlier this week I sat next to an attractive young lady on an airline flight (obviously a few days after the one mentioned above) who actually was the one who struck up the coversation and was quite chatty.  So I guess I didn't freak her out.  Give me another week or so, though...  Check out my eyebrows.  THAT's what we're likely looking at then...   But...

IT'S FOR THE KIDS!!!   THANK YOU to those who've already donated.  I'm well on my way to my goal.  And thanks to you and those who have yet to donate, the group is also on track to exceed last year and meet this year's goal of $275K.  Amazing, just amazing.

Check back next week for the Turkey Day update.

Off to the weekly check-in.  LET'S GROW THIS THING!

Week 3 and is it me, or is it great looking this year or what?!?
Week 3 and is it me, or is it great looking this year or what?!?

THANK YOU!!  to all who have contributed so far so that I've already reached my goal.  Now on to the final week to crush it!

And, can I just say, I'm not too upset with this thing this year.  Maybe after 5 years it's decided to grow right(ish) and enhance this old man's visage.    Look... last week I had the nice young lady strike up a conversation on a flight.  This week while I was having a minor outpatient procedure, Barb tried to convince the young woman anesthesiologist to have the nurses shave it off while I was under.  The doctor was horrified!  "REALLY?"  she inquired.  "I think it looks great!  It's very nice."   I SWEAR that's what she said (or words to that effect...)

So, at least at the moment, I'm cautiously proud.  Of the 'stache.  VERY proud of the generous donations already made for the kids.


On to the final week...

Week 4 and, OK, not as good as I might have thought...
Week 4 and, OK, not as good as I might have thought...
Final pic, 2 days to go.  What a tremendous response from my supporters thus far.  And while I have re-evaluated what I thought was a pretty good effort this year after seeing this photo, I will say I've had unsolicited comments, even from men, that it looks good.  So I'm going with that.  And as the 'stache has grown, so have the contributions and I'm so thankful for your support.  What we're doing is for real and makes a real impact.

Check back over the weekend after the 'Stache Bash when I'll advise how we all did.


On of my better poses -- Philo
On of my better poses -- Philo
Well, well, well, Captain!  Another fine year and, I must say, your mustache this year is approaching one worthy of a Naval Captain.  Approaching, mind you, better than past years, but far from worthy.

But your fundraising feats!  Zounds, I say!  My donation will put you in excess of $3,000!  Your donors are to be commended for their dedication to the children.   It's certainly not in support of your mustache (unless it's to have you remove it), so it must be the children, and for that I say Bravo Zulo to all who've helped.

Until next year...

Yours faitfully,
Philo McGiffin
Imperial Chinese Navy

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Mark Minnick Amount: $ 67 Date Received: 11/21/2018
"Puts you just over the goal. Congrats and thanks for continuing to support such a great cause."
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George Voelker Amount: $ 72 Date Received: 11/11/2018
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"Great way to support the Kids!"
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"Great cause.... and a lot of fun. Way to go. "