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Scroll down and read about what I am doing and to see pictures of my progress.......
Yes, I am actually growing another mustache...again.  And yes, I will look a little ridiculous for the next month.....again.  But it is for a great cause.  Last year I raised over $1,200 thanks to all of my great friends and family.  It is going to be tough to duplicate but I am going to try my best....and more!  

 M4K Richmond improves the quality of life for local children through individual fundraising, partnering with local charities and businesses, and having a little bit of fun with facial hair.  Basically we grow mustaches for a month as a marketing tool to raise money for local children's charities.  Last year we had over 150 growers raise and donate over $250,000 to ASK, SCAN, Children's Hospital Foundation of Richmond, and Feedmore.  This year we have over 120 Growers are shooting to raise even more money for these great charities.
Click on the link to learn more about how they help local Richmond area children and their families deal with heartbreaking situations such as child abuse, cancer, and other childhood ailments.

To donate please click on any of the "Donate to Jon" link on this page or you can mail checks directly to our charity headquarters at:

M4K Richmond
8741 Sunview Lane
Richmond, Virginia 23236

Starting to take shape.
Starting to take shape.
Thanks to everyone that has donated so fat.  All for some really great Kids Charities.  

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Thomas Grant Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 12/9/2018
"Jon - Great charitable work. Keep it up."
MEREDITH KISNER Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 11/29/2018
"Way to go Jon! "
Chris Nystrom Date Received: 11/28/2018
Linda Kolkhorst Amount: $ 75 Date Received: 11/20/2018
Jane Wood Date Received: 11/16/2018
Nystrom's Amount: $ 1000 Date Received: 11/9/2018
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Anonymous Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 11/5/2018
Wayne Nystrom Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 11/5/2018