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Day 1 in private
Day 1 in private
It is that time of year yet again! After a one year hiatus, because 2020 was oh so fun for everyone, I am back in the facial hair game and I mustache you a question: Will you support this epic, marriage-stressing, Thanksgiving picture-ruining adventure? 

Today is "Shave day," so you are looking at me with just a little stubble. Over the course of the next month, I will let the bare upper lip metamorphose into the substrate for a beautiful lip caterpillar. Yes, you will be able to watch the progress unfold and be amazed at the slow progression from one form to another.

Please donate whatever you think you can and realize it will help children's charities in the Richmond, VA area. Last year, the group (without me) raised over $500,000 in one month! Just think about what this year's total will be with our help! 

For all the supporters out there, I would like to go ahead and invite you to the "Stache Bash" on Friday, December 3, at Triple Crossing Fulton. You will be able to see some amazing mustache-themed costumes. So, this is your unofficial-official "Shave the Date" notice. 

Lastly, on the idea of costume for a mustache-sporting father of 2, soon to be 3, throw out some ideas. Top donation and suggestion combination will decide my costume for the Stache Bash (assuming it is approved by Jesse).

Here are two pictures of me on Day 1, apropos of the times we are living in! Thank you for all of your support. 
Day 1 in public settings
Day 1 in public settings
Two+ weeks in and I have forgotten to trim the rest of the face.
Two+ weeks in and I have forgotten to trim the rest of the face.
As always, I have fallen behind on keeping my page up to date. I am back to give a bit of a history lesson. The following explains how various groups have come about (from our M4K board). Enjoy and please help the kids out with any amount you feel comfortable donating.
Mustaches for Kids (M4K)
Mustaches for Kids was started in 1999 in Los Angeles to have fun by growing mustaches and fundraising for local children's charities. The concept is simple, you collect donations for growing a mustache for a month and donate that money to local children's charities selected by the chapter. Currently there about a dozen active chapters across the country that have raised over $8,000,000 since 1999 and nearly $2,000,000 last year alone. M4K Omaha, M4K Richmond, and M4K Lynchburg are by far the most successful active chapters.
In 2003, two friends in Australia (likely over a few pints of beer) started Movember as a lighthearted attempt at bringing the mustache back into fashion. Their crew was inspired by the mustache's ability to generate conversation and began fundraising for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Since those early years, Movember has grown into a community of millions of growers funding thousands of men's health projects worldwide.
No Shave November
No-Shave November has been a tradition for many years, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2009 that members of the Chicagoland Hill family decided to use it as a means to raise money for charity. It was a project that held special meaning to the eight Hill children after their father, Matthew Hill, passed away from colon cancer in November 2007. To date the organization has raised over $2,000,000 for various cancer fighting foundations.
November 23rd. Two days until Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for? Upper lip facial hair!
November 23rd. Two days until Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for? Upper lip facial hair!
The group is doing well! We are tracking toward our goal of $510,000 for the month. I am up to $420, which is good, but it could be better. Today, a generous group is matching all donations up to $10,000! Yes, your money could be doubled. Notice how the amazing lip caterpillar is coming in. Just think about how it will be affected by added donations. Thank you for all the support, both monetarily and in pity for Jesse. Let's grow this thing!
Just two guys with the best mustaches they can grow over November
Just two guys with the best mustaches they can grow over November
Happy Giving Tuesday! It is the last week of the "growing season." Thank you for all your support, and you can see that the upper lip carpet has come in embarrassingly well. Enjoy this picture of me and my son as he can't wait for me to stop "spiking him" with the whiskers. We have raised over $300,000 this month, but we are hoping for a strong last week to get us over $500,000. If you have already given, thank you so much! If you have not, please consider a donation today as it is "Giving Tuesday" and all the money will go to local childrens' charities. I have reached my goal of $750, but would love to get to $1,000 by the end of the week. 
Thank you again.
Final few days of having a mustache!
Final few days of having a mustache!
I have to give an update on the group as a whole, since Giving Tuesday 2021 was the largest donation day for M4K EVER! Over $100,000 raised for the children of Richmond in one day! Way to go donors!

The growing season ends this Friday, December 3, 2021. Our goal is $510,000 for the month and we are just about $100,000 away. I know that sounds like a lot, but we have a match day for donations today, December 1, so every little bit counts. Let's do what we can to make it to the goal. 

I am still accepting suggestions for a costume to wear to the Stache Bash this Friday! Keep the donations coming and come out to Triple Crossing Fulton on Friday at 6 p.m. to see some amazing mustache growth from the men of Richmond. All are welcome Friday night. There will be food and entertainment as well as some very good beer. 

Thank you again for all your support.

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Jamia Hines Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 12/3/2021
"You ROCK Kevin! Great stache' for a great cause!"
Danny Oberski Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 12/3/2021
Jake Snyder Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 12/2/2021
"Awesome stuff, nice work Kevin!"
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"Thanks for looking silly to raise money for such a great cause. LOL"
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John Gottshall Amount: $ 90 Date Received: 12/1/2021
"Soar Like an Eagle!"
William Payne Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 12/1/2021
Uyen And Jesse Pickens Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 12/1/2021
"Cash for your stache! Good luck, Kevin!"
Anonymous Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 12/1/2021
Eric Johnson Date Received: 12/1/2021
"Stache Power"
MaryEllen Peters Amount: $ 200 Date Received: 11/23/2021
"For the kids! Proud of you."
Rick Silliman Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 11/23/2021
Brian Coffill Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/23/2021
"Looking good!"
John Gottshall Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 11/22/2021
"For the kids! "
Marly And Jeremy Santoro Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 11/22/2021
Ashton Armistead Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 11/21/2021
Sandra Guckian Date Received: 11/19/2021
"Enjoy the "Stache Bash"."
Amy Avedisian Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 11/8/2021
"Good luck, Kevin!! I will be watching for pictures."
Mark Friedman Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 11/3/2021
"Best to you. Come back and visit. "