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Steve Booth
Hey everybody,
Please take time to donate to a great cause. This November, we are pulling together to raise money to help children in the Richmond area.  This is my third year taking part in the fundraising. I am excited to help anyway I can (even if that involves trying to grow a mustache).  Personally, over the past years, I have been inspired by family and friends who have had to deal with multiple hardships and was looking for additional ways to help these families and their children in need.  Through this event, I would like to draw attention to, and more importantly, to raise money for those that need it the most.  Please consider donating to the cause.  Thank you.
Here are some details:
M4Krichmond, is comprised of over 100 young professionals in the Richmond area that spend a month each year growing mustaches as a marketing tool to raise money for children in need. M4K has decided to split the proceeds raised between multiple charities including: ASK (an organization working with children with cancer), SCAN (a local organization dedicated to preventing child abuse) and the Children’s Hospital. In the past, they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities, and we would like to make this year the biggest to date.  My personal goal is to raise over $1000. I’m asking for your consideration to donate in support of our efforts.  All major credit cards are accepted, and you will receive an emailed receipt for your records. We are an official non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.
1 week update 
Even my Dad is on board. 
Update with Dad