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Steve Cherry " Always for the kids. Bad stache and all. "
Stache time! It's November. Which means bad stache growing season! Time to give back to charity and the kids who deserve it the most.
This is my "sweet" 10 day old mustache. I know it looks kind of ridiculous right now, but pretty soon it will be even worse ????.
This is our first full week of Mustaches 4 Kids fundraising and we are already up to around $30,000. We have a long way to go to match the $370,000 we raised last year.
The charities we support are all kids-based: Ask Children’s Cancer Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Virginia, Feedmore, Stop Child Abuse Now, and others.
This year, with covid going on, all of the charities are struggling a bit and need our help more than ever. I’m very proud of this work we do and I would really appreciate it if you’d consider donating a few bucks.
And yes, the goat is up to being gone this month as well. It's been with me since, well, forever. Make me an offer, and it'll be the next to go!