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Jeff Ferguson
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It's that time again, Grow Season.  If you are here, then you already know the reason, and you already know me and my difficulties with deadlines.  In full disclosure, I shaved to meet my daughter's request of being a Witch Doctor on Halloween.  I could have thrown on scrubs and a witch's hat and called it a night, but I wanted to go full makeup and gave our makeup artist a worthy canvas.

Scary results, huh?  Not as scary as kids with cancer, mental illness, and malnutrition.  Just a few of the causes that M4K's charities will receive money to help if you donate to this more than worthy cause!

So, please help make the battle of keeping a wife and a moustache worth it and click the DONATE button!
Only one of these is an M4K approved stache.  If you guessed the bottom one, you guessed right and earned a chance to donate.  If you guessed incorrectly, feel free to review the rules after you donate.

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"Mustache wax for Xmas? "
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