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Richmond Friends of the Homeless Page
Richmond Friends of the Homeless Page
Goal: $30000
Goal: $30000
69151.12 raised by 247 donors
$69,151.12 raised by 247 donors

Richmond Friends of the Homeless was formed in 1986 to strengthen and enrich the community life of the disadvantaged and homeless in Richmond, Virginia.

Our mission is served by providing a nutrtitious lunch seven days a week in Richmond's most impoverished neighborhoods: Blackwell/Bainbridge/Hillside and Jackson Ward/Gilpin Court/Mosby Court are encompassed. This includes a hearty bagged lunch on Saturdays and Sundays in south Richmond. Breakfast and a Book is available for the children we see each day. Our goal is the alleviation of hunger in our community, as well as providing numerous much needed services to those living in poverty. This includes blankets, clothing, warm winter items, personal hygiene kits, and food baskets. Counseling, referral services, and regularly scheduled 'health fairs" are offered. Special children's services include making available school supplies, book bags, funds for field trips, gym suits and graduation clothing as needed. We provide all of our services with the time and talents of a tremendous volunteer base which includes schools, churches and congregations of all denominations, civic groups, businesses and individuals who want to make a difference in their community.

COVID-19 RESPONSE - We continue to serve nourishing meals seven days a week through our three program sites. Meals are currently being served outdoors and may be taken with you.

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