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Tim Parent's Page
Tim Parent's Page
Goal: $25000
Goal: $25000

For my girls....


Tammy and I had a rough start to our "parenthood" stage in life. We had twin daughters, Hope and Faith, that were our first born twins we had to watch pass away before we could take them home. Tammy, my super hero, also had complications and additional hospital stays after their birth. We were beyond blessed through the process to have amazing family and friends to support us through the most difficult times in our life. We were also blessed to have amazing health insurance that covered all our very large costs. 


The families we support by doing this, don't always have the support we did or the financial stability to get through these difficult times. Having a focus on their child in need and sometimes also trying to support the rest of the family at the same time is a hardship/burden like none other. So, myself and the rest of these men, put vanity aside in hopes of focusing on a greater good. I am more than willing to wear a funny, comical, bad a$$ mustache to help raise awareness for these families. I have seen first hand what they are going through when delivering furniture or helping with on site issues so they can bring their child home from the hospital. 

This money goes toward financial bills to keep utilities on, car payments made so trips can continue, payment for hospital bills to allow continued services, or food on the table. Your generosity means more to me than you will ever know and you will change someone's life with a donation! 


I thank you all in advance for your support and donations. I hope you enjoy the lack of vanity, fun we have with the pictures, bets, and "what will it take for you to do....for this size of donation :) " challenges you will hear about in the weekly updates.


Tim "Wyatt Earp 2022" Parent 

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